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Guide to CyberGRX Security Assessment


What You’ll Find In This Guide:


What is CyberGRX?


3 Reasons Why CyberGRX is Right for You


CyberGRX Assessment Methodology


Traditional Approach vs. CyberGRX Assessment


Ready to Use CyberGRX? How it Works with 3Play Media


What Is CyberGRX?

CyberGRX is an in-depth, third-party security assessment that thoroughly reviews 3Play Media’s policies and procedures. It uses various validation levels to represent risk levels objectively and identifies both inherent and residual risks. The assessment is built on industry frameworks (like NIST and ISO), is extremely robust, and covers numerous areas of security and privacy.



3 Reasons Why CyberGRX Is Right for You


1. Its security assessment is thorough. ✏️ 

The CyberGRX assessment methodology identifies both inherent and residual risk. It uses threat analysis and independent evidence validation to provide customers with a holistic view of third-party cyber risk. CyberGRX assessments map to many industry-standard frameworks such as NIST 800-53 v4 and ISO 27001 cybersecurity frameworks.

3Play Media answered nearly 600 questions and underwent two rounds of audits to provide a broad view of information security policy, process, and controls, including incident management. This encompassed greater diligence than 3Play Media typically sees in individual customer inquiries.


2. Provides you with transparent and updated analysis.  📊

You’ll have ongoing access and up-to-date visibility through CyberGRX’s information exchange platform. While a traditional assessment is static, 3Play can periodically update the data. CyberGRX provides you with the latest report in its Exchange Portal to ensure you have accurate security information.

3. Saves you time,  money, and provides a robust assessment. ⏰

CyberGRX assessments save you time by modernizing and streamlining inefficient processes that come with shared and static spreadsheets. You’ll have access right away, plus you’ll dodge any applicable service fees and costs associated with bespoke security assessments that likely only cover a fraction of the controls that CyberGRX reviews.

CyberGRX Assessment Methodology

The CyberGRX Assessment:

  • Applies a comprehensive approach to risk assessment analysis
  • Replaces outdated static spreadsheets
  • Integrates advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and risk models
  • Provides an in-depth view of 3Play Media’s security controls
  • Features control groups that address Strategic, Operations, Core, Management, and GDPR
  • Includes controls and sub-controls based on the following frameworks: FFIEC, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, NY-DFS, PCI DSS, SOC, etc.

Traditional Approach vs. CyberGRX Approach

How does CyberGRX stack up to the traditional approach? Contrary to traditional security assessments, CyberGRX takes a comprehensive approach to ensure you have a validated, up-to-date view of 3Play Media’s security portfolio. 

Traditional Approach

CyberGRX Approach

Honor System: Relies on the third-party (3Play Media) to interpret questions and provide accurate answers.

Validated: Assessments include a variety of validation levels that accurately and objectively represent risk level.

Static Assessment: Provides a point-in-time view of security and privacy risks.

Dynamic Assessment: Provides an up-to-date view of data presented via online dashboards.

Customized: Bespoke and industry assessments identify gaps, but insights are often buried in a spreadsheet.

Comprehensive: Utilizes five broad control groups and presents the data in a structured and actionable format.



Ready to Use CyberGRX? 

How It Works with 3Play Media


When you’re ready to move forward with the CyberGRX assessment, 3Play Media will provide you with the next steps to access our vendor security assessment report. 


Logistically speaking, CyberGRX will invite you to retrieve its latest vendor report directly from its Exchange Portal, to maintain complete objectivity. 


We simply ask you to provide us with names and email addresses to which you want CyberGRX Exchange Portal invitations sent. We will add your contact information to the Exchange Portal, authorize report sharing, and you will receive an invitation to retrieve the report to review at your convenience.


Questions? Drop us a line.




Phone: (617) 764-5189



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